Cohort 3 : Oct 2011-Oct 2015

''Nichola Austen graduated with a first class honours in archaeological science BSc and a masters in palaeoanthropology from the university of sheffield. Her interests range from early energy ultilisation of past populations and palaeoclimate to geology and geochemistry. During her studies she has worked on a number of archaeological/geological excavations and has also worked as a postgraduate researcher at the British Geological Survery in Nottingham. Publications

''Faisal Abubakar graduated with a bachelors degree in economics from Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria. He has a masters degree in Energy Studies with specialisation in Energy Economiics from the Centre for Energy,Petroleum, Mineral law and policy, Dundee in 2009 and a second in Investment management from the ICMA Centre at the University in Reading in 2010. He started work in banking before joining the department of economics of Bayero University as an assistant lecturer. His research interests are energy policy as well as transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. He feels E-Futures, being multi disciplinary centre, will broaden his understanding of energy. During his spare time, he enjoys travelling, reading and watching football. Publications

''Alex Barrows graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2010 with a 1st class MPhys in Physics. During his course he became interested in the energy industry and spent a summer working for BP as a petrophysics intern. Although this convinced him that working in the oil and gas industry was not for him, it increased his interest in the energy sector as a whole. Academically his main interests are in semiconductors, whilst his chief other interest is rock climbing. Publications

''Charlotte Bjorck graduated from The University of Warwick in 2009 with a 1st class MChem degree in Chemistry with Industrial Training. As part of her degree she undertook a year’s placement at the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in their Process Chemistry department where she worked on optimisation of synthetic routes to product APIs. After graduating she worked for 3M as a pharmaceutical QC analyst before joining the E-Futures DTC. She hopes to further her knowledge of renewable energy generation and is particularly interested in the development of sustainable liquid fuels and waste management. Outside of academia she is involved in Girl Guiding as a unit helper at a Brownie group. Publications

''John Bradley graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2011 with a 1st class MPhys degree in Physics with a Study in North America. As part of his degree he spent a year at The University at Buffalo in New York state, where he was able to experience an entirely different academic and social culture to that of the UK. His interest in semiconductor physics led him to pursue a dissertation investigating the plasmonic properties of noble metal nanoparticle/semiconductor hybrids, which have been shown to improve the efficiency of solar cells. He is keen to take advantage of his first year of E-Futures to broaden his knowledge of the techniques and technologies involved in renewable energy utilization and interact with many different sectors of industry. Outside of academia, his interests include football, playing the guitar and bass and cooking. Publications

''Martin Braun holds an MA in Chinese Studies from Leeds, an MSc in EMC and RF Communication from York and a BEng from Coventry along with the corresponding Dipl.-lng. degree from the FH Aachen, Germany, in Electrical Engineering. Since moving to England in 1999 he has worked as an Approvals/Production Engineer for a manufacturer of warning systems for emergency vehicles and as a self-employed business and manufacturing improvement consultant. He now looks forward to his industry based doctoral project examining energy usage in modern, eco-friendly supermarkets. He maintains an interest in the Mandarin Chinese language, having spent a total of three years attending intensive classes in Taiwan and the UK, and is active in the local community helping Chinese speakers to understand the Bible. He is also fond of walking, travelling and making (German) bread. Publications

''Alexander Buckman graduated in 2011 from the University of Sheffield with a 1st class MEng in mechanical engineering. He has had a summer internship researching wind power for Magnomatics Ltd and carried on his relationship with the company by basing his final year project on the integration of their generator into a small wind turbine. Alex is interested in a whole systems approach to sustainable engineering problems which take into account technical, environmental, social and economical issues. He is interested in further research into mechanical energy systems and building efficiency. He is a committee member of EWB Sheffield and plays rugby league for two teams in Sheffield. Publications and blog

''Rory Campbell graduated from the University of Sheffield with a 1st class Chemistry with Mathematics (MChem) in 2011. His degree included lab projects on FTIR spectroscopy of carbon monoxide/dioxide and spectral simulation, but was largely theoretical. His final year research project concerned the transmission probability of electrons through molecular electronic devices, using a combination of chemical theory and mathematical software. Whilst this research was interesting, he hopes to gain more practical experience and get an overview of the area of energy to help decide on a career path. Publications

''Elliot Carrington studied Chemistry with Molecular Physics at Imperial College London and graduating with 1st class honours in 2011. He became interested in renewable energy during his final year project on semi-conductor electrodes used in solar-assisted water splitting, and joined E-futures to further his understanding on a variety of different energy technologies. His interests include Rock Climbing, Cycling and Skiing. Publications

''Liam Chisman graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2011 with a 1st class Masters in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on solid mechanics, sustainable engineering and experimental stress analysis. He has conducted research on the novel technique of Pulsed Magneto-Photoelasticity in conjunction with Pilkington Glass. Future research is likely to focus on improving the efficiencies of internal combustion engines, through the tribological design of engine valve trains to allow for novel combustion regimes, such as HCCI and sustainable biofuels. Through this he aims to contribute to an ethical and fair future. Liam has a strong passion for appreciating and playing music, both instrumental and electronic, and also enjoys bouldering, motorcycling and rural jaunts. Publications

''Benjamin Crozier graduated in 2011 from the University of Manchester with a masters in Chemistry. He worked with Dr Richard Layfield during his masters project, synthesising polymetallic iron-amido sulfide cage compounds. He hopes to improve his understanding of the problems posed by renewable energy utilisation, and holds a soft spot for the synthesis of algal biofuels. In his spare time, Ben enjoys all kinds of sports, especially football, squash and badminton. Publications

''James Douglas graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2010 with a 1st class BSc in Physical Geography followed by an MSc in Polar & Alpine Change (distinction). During this time, his research focused on predicting volcanic eruptions, as well the effect eruptions have on atmospheric chemistry, and their subsequent impact on climate. In addition, his MSc dissertation focused on the sensitivity of glaciers to climate change. After studying many facets of climate change, James now wants to contribute to reducing its impact, by improving the way we produce and utilise energy. In particular, he is interested in hydroelectric power generation, and how this resource may change in the future. Outside of academia, James’ interests include playing and listening to music, all kinds of sports, and photography. Publications

''Jonathan Goodwin graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2011 with a MSci in Natural Sciences (Chemistry). His masters project with Dr Erwin Reisner worked towards the synthesis and characterisation of a novel bio-mimetic proton reduction catalysts. When not in the lab he's often found on football and frisbee pitches around Sheffield. Publications

''Jacob Gower read Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. His interests lay in pure maths, but have now extended to a wider variety of more useful fields. After a year in industry he has returned to academica. He is now pursuing a mini project in modelling climate change and exploring its governing principles. It is his hope to apply the logical problem solving approach from his undergrad studies to each facet of the energy problem. He enjoys reading and working at music festivals. Publications

''Christopher Hepworth graduated from York university in 2009 with a degree in Biology specialising in ecology and plant to plant relationships. He then joined the Royal Mail's graduate scheme and after a short period of time as a project manager became their Environmental Lead for the Northeast of England. This fueled his passions for climate change and renewable energy. Ultimately, this lead him to join E-Futures which will allow him to use his background in both Biology and energy management to further the understanding of energy related matters. Publications

''Aimie Hope graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2011 with a distinction in MSc Environmental Management. As part of her degree she completed a year-long placement with the Business Environment Centre, undertaking research into the energy and carbon savings achieved by Sheffield’s third sector. While at the BEC Aimie also volunteered as Junior Administrator for the Echoes of Blackburn Meadows project and became Voluntary Coordinator for the Sheffield Low Carbon Network. Aimie has a BA in Biblical Studies from The University of Sheffield. Her research interests include engaging with faith communities on environmental issues such as climate change and new technologies. Aimie is conducting her PhD research on rebound effects and the role of “Compensatory Green Beliefs” with the Departments of Psychology and Geography. General interests include going to the theatre and walking in the Peak District. Publications

''Emma Ireland graduated in 2010 with a first class honours in Conservation and the Environment from the University of Essex, specialising in landscape scale human impacts upon ecosystems and non-equilibrium paradigm conservation. After graduating, Emma worked in a small Mayfair fund of hedge funds in the finance team, before going back to her original interests of human/landscape interactions on E-Futures. Outside of academia, she can be found riding around the lanes of Shropshire on her horses. Publications

''Nicola Lazenby graduated from Newcastle University in 2011 with a 1st Class Masters in Civil Engineering, specialising in geotechnical engineering. Nicola’s interest in renewable energy was sparked by her final year project carrying out field and laboratory investigations into ground temperatures in order to assess their suitability for the installation of ground source heating systems. This research projects led to wanting to gain a broader understanding of sustainable energy and engineering. During her undergraduate degree Nicola embraced student live, involving herself in sports and societies. Nicola co-founded Newcastles Engineers without Borders Branch taking on the role of President in her final year. Nicola volunteers as Branch Support for the Scotland and North East Branches alongside being an active member of EWB Sheffield. Alongside her studies, Nicola coaches a local junior netball team whilst playing on the university netball team. Publications

''Vi Nguyen graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2008 with a 1st class MBiolSci degree in Biology. Her interest in environmental and energy sustainability has developed from her involvement with various environmental communication roles. She has worked for an academic biology journal, BBC Focus, the Ecologist and the Science Media Centre. Having to research and write articles on a wide range of sustainable energy and environment issues has led her to pursue her interests further in the E-Futures course. She enjoys cooking for the masses, reading and live music. Publications

''Timinyo Owei graduated with Honours from the University of Warwick, with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. Her final year BEng project focused on geothermal ground source heat pumps as an energy source to reduce carbon emissions and utility expenditure and that was the beginning of her interests in the Renewable Energy and the Energy Industry in general. She completedna MEng at Northwestern University Chicago in Mechanical Engineering, where significant mini projects especially a waste to electricity system design were done. Her interests in Energy related research lie in Sustainable Energy technology and its applicability in Developing Nations, Energy Consumption within these countries and Energy Policy. Outside of Academia, She is a desperate football fanatic, loves classical music, singing, and loves looking at expensive real estate for fun. Publications

''Goudarz Poursharif  has two Master’s degrees from the University of Surrey. He did his Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Engineering and worked on radioactive pollution in the marine environment.  He then came to the UK and did his first M.Sc in Corporate Environmental Management and as part of this degree completed a dissertation on Driver and Barriers towards Implementation of EMS in developing countries. He then completed a second Master’s degree in Water and Environmental Engineering. His research interests at the moment are sustainable development and the transition process from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable energy economy on national and international levels. Publications

''Robert Raine graduated from Cambridge University with a MSc in Natural Sciences, his work was mainly physics-related but contained elements of geology and biology. This interdisciplinary course included project work as diverse as neutrino astronomy and the modelling of crop diseases. Having grown up on a farm, Rob is particularly interested in how creating a sustainable energy future will affect food production. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and going to streetdance classes. Publications

''Qasid Safir graduated from Swansea University with a first class BEng in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies he has won awards from IMechE for best student and project of the year. After graduating he spent the summer working for TATA Steel investigating building integrated solar collectors. He has been passionately involved in sustainable energy projects for developing countries. Qasid joined E-Futures to develop his research skills and pursue a a career in academia. He has a particular interest in taking innovative ideas from the drawing board to commercialization. His interests include drinking tea (PG Tips), cycling and generally being outdoors. Publications

''Jonathan Shimwell completed a MSci in "Astrophysics and Computer Science" at Keele University followed by a PGCE in Physics. He has spent time travelling and working abroad, participating in the Camp America Project, enjoying volunteer work on an organic coffee farm in Hawaii and living in Germany; it was during this time that he first became interested in sustainable energy. Jonathan worked as an "A" level Physics teacher for several years before returning to full time study. As part of these studies he undertook a summer placement at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. He has recently graduated from The University of Birmingham with a MSc (1st class) in "Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors. Publications

''Richard Smith graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2011 with a MEnvSci in Environmental Science (1st class), based in the Geography and Animal Plant Science Departments. In his masters year project he undertook fieldwork in the Arctic, investigating the biogeochemistry of cryoconite (biologically active glacial debris) and its wider impacts on glacial dynamics. Having studied the unsustainability of many human practises, Richard was keen to learn and contribute towards sustainable energy technologies. He is particularly interested in microbiology and its use to create biofuels and improve energy intensive industrial processes. Richards other interests include travelling, cooking, computer games and attempting to play football. Publications

''Supatchalee Sophonthammaphat graduated in Environmental Science (B.Sc) from Silpakorn University in Thailand in 1996 and completed a bachelor degree in Law at Thammasat University in 2003 and an MSc in Environmental Management at the National Institute of Development Administration in 2006 where she attained the highest grade point averages in this field. After working as environmentalist of Air Quality and Noise Management Bureau at the Pollution Control Department in Thailand for 10 years she changed to the Bureau of Biofuel Development at the Department of Alternative Energy and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy, where she worked for approximately 2.5 years. She believes that E-Futures provides great possibilities for exploring renewable energy technologies. Besides her research activities, she also loves cooking Thai food, enjoys spending time at the seaside and hiking in the mountains. Publications

''Clare Reger graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2010 with a MEng in Manufacturing Engineering. Her undergraduate degree was broad, encompassing all areas of engineering as well as some areas outside of it such as economics, organisational behaviour, management and design. Clare has undertaken a variety of projects from designing a product to help people with Autism, to researching LED lighting, to company-based project work for Rolls-Royce and Honneywell turbochargers. After graduating, Clare spent a year working for Heinz at Europe's largest food processing plant in Wigan and teaching maths and physics at a school in Stockport. Clare's interest in energy was sparked by learning about Malasian Palm Oil plantations during her masters. Hobbies include playing football and performing improvised comedy. Publications and Blog

''Rachel Thorley graduated in 2011 from Cambridge University with a BA in Natural Sciences, specialising in zoology. She is particularly interested in conservation-related issues, in particular habitat loss by deforestation. Rachel joined E-Futures to learn more about energy generation, and hopes to get involved in improving the sustainability of agriculture. When not saving the world, she enjoys hiking in the mountains, kayaking and poking round museums and galleries. Publications

''James Uttley graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2003 with a BSc in Psychology and subsequently worked in a number of research and policy roles in local Government, which included managing housing research projects and developing local economic policy. Jim has also worked as a crime analyst for South Yorkshire Police. He is interested in the behavioural aspects of energy consumption and climate change, but was attracted to the multi-disciplinary nature of E-Futures. In his spare time Jim enjoys spending time with his family, walking, playing squash, and brewing and drinking good beer. Publications

''Colin Whittle graduated with a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield in 2010 and then went on to complete a MSc in Psychological research methods, graduating with a distinction. His research interests include the study of human behaviour at both a personal and social or community level, including the motivation for behaviours and the generation of attitudes. He is currently aiming to pursue a project to investigate how individuals’ beliefs and attitudes towards energy and energy conservation may influence their energy conscious choices within the building where they work. This will then be related to the overall energy efficiency of the building in order to evaluate the impact of these beliefs and choices upon the efficiency of the building. Colin’s future research interests involve public attitudes towards new green initiatives and technologies and the factors that lead to either the acceptance or rejection of them. Wider interests include making music and playing badminton as well as running and swimming. Publications

''Donald Willey graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Environmental & Energy Engineering. He then worked for two years in the civil nuclear industry with REACT Engineering on projects including decommissioning schemes, waste management and radiation modelling. Donald joined E-Futures to help extend his knowledge of the energy industry and to commence an R&D career in the energy sector, with primary interests associated with fuel production and usage. He has varied general interests including building and riding mountain bikes, climbing, cooking, history, art, obscure music and real ale. Publications


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