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Professor Geraint Jewell

Professor Geraint Jewell

My research interests include more efficient electrical machines & drives

Director, Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Dr Chris Jones

My interests include attitude formation through the exploration of novel environments, and public attitudes towards climate change and future energy choices (e.g. nuclear power and wind power).

Dept. of Psychology

Dr Matt Watson

My research interests are social and cultural geographies of everyday practices, consumption and sustainability; and related issues of governing.

Dept. of Geography

Dr Jim Gilmour

My research interests are in the molecular biology of life in extreme environments, especially high salinity and low temperature environments, with applications in algal biofuels research

Dept. of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Professor Mike Ward

Professor Mike Ward

I am interested in the preparation, structural characterisation, and physical properties of complexes based on transition-metal (d-block) and lanthanide (f-block) elements, with the science having applications in organic photovoltaic materials

Deputy Director, Chemistry

Professor Andrew Fleming

My interests in plant molecular biology, in particular the interplay of cell growth and division, has applications in modifying bioenergy crops for more efficient energy extraction

Collaborating Departments liaison, Animal & Plant Sciences
Professor David Lidzey

Professor David Lidzey

I am interested in the spectroscopy of organic semiconductors and organic optoelectronic and photonic devices

Publicity & Recruitment, Physics & Astronomy
Professor Stephen Beck

Professor Stephen Beck

My interests are in fluid mechanics, flow measurement and heat transfer, with applications in many energy generation and energy demand reduction systems

Training Programme Yr. 1, Mechanical Engineering
Professor Derek Sinclair

Professor Derek Sinclair

I am interested in the synthesis and characterisation of oxide-based electroceramics, with applications in superconductors and supercapacitors

Training Programme Yrs. 2-4, Materials Science & Engineering
Dr Robert Edyvean

Dr Robert Edyvean

My interests include anaerobic digestion, microbiologically influenced corrosion, corrosion & biofilms, waste-water treatment and solid waste reduction

Chemical & Biological Engineering
Dr Neil Lowrie

Dr Neil Lowrie

My role is to manage the day to day activities of E-Futures and liase with companies for input into the programme

Programme Manager
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