Centre for Low Carbon Futures

The Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) is a collaborative research centre focussed on the evidence and demonstration of low carbon innovations. CLCF was formed by the Universities of Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York to harness the internationally recognised research strengths of Yorkshire’s Universities, and deliver knowledge and solutions to optimise carbon efficiency within businesses, organisations and communities. 

CLCF aims to become an internationally recognized evidence based demonstration centre for low carbon solutions, focused on Sustainable Energy, Supply Chain and the Food & Agriculture sector. To achieve this, CLCF creates multi-disciplined teams working across traditional boundaries to build communities that shape a positive response to climate change, and that can influence policy and improve business competitiveness. CLCF identifies and promotes technology and process innovations needed for a competitive, resilient, low carbon economy. This includes carbon accounting, technology demonstration, and training centres which promote and assist knowledge transfer. The result is a vibrant and agile research and training environment of international quality which is focussed on responding to the most challenging energy and environmental questions, and which can leverage translation of the region’s leading edge applied research to benefit the UK economy.



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