Cohort 1: 3-Year Research Projects (and their sponsors)

These are the projects that students have chosen to pursue as their main PhD project.

  • Laura Platt The development of an improved hydrophilic ion transport material for use in electrochemical cells (ITM Power)
  • Nicola Hurst Sustainable Biomass Production as an Alternative Carbon Source for the Steel Industry (Tata Steel- formerly Corus)
  • Shoan Mbabazi Investigation into power distribution / grid interfacing for subsea tidal generation (Rolls Royce)
  • Philippa Uttley Integration of biological wastewater treatment and algal growth for biofuels (MWH Group)
  • Eleanor Ramsden Corrosion and biofouling mechanisms on Tidal stream Turbines (Tidal Generation
  • Andrew FosterInvestigation of lattice mis-match in III-V semiconductor nanowire photovoltaics 
  • Joanne Oldfield Planning New Settlements for Low Carbon Energy Futures 
  • Kuang Che-Hsiao Novel Li2MP2O7 based cathode materials for Li-ion batteries 
  • Rick Smith Characterization and fabrication of ultrahigh efficient LEDs for ultimate general illumination 
  • Robin Lovelace Scales of action for accelerating energy transitions 
  • Emily Hounslow Synthetic biology for the production of liquid biofuels using a photosynthetic chassis 
  • Sam Ring Biologically inspired catalysts for the conversion of methane to methanol 
  • Holly Castleton Post occupany evaluation of low energy buildings 
  • Jonathan Knapton Optimisation of Pulse Detonation Engines 
  • James Williams Optimisation of solar thermal panel use 
  • Krys Bangert Bioreactor and Pond Design for Improved Growth of Microalgae 
  • Jon Leary Optimising Low Cost Wind Turbine Blade Design for Community Based Manufacture in the Developing World 
  • Robert Richards Development of MQW multi-junction solar cells 
  • Chris Hunter Development of GaAsBi for a 1eV PV junction 
  • Adorkor Bruce Healthy, Energy Efficient Buildings 

  • Cohort 2

  • Tom Young Green roof technologies for sustainable urban energy and water management  (Boningale)
  • David Anderson Assessment of the impact of small-scale hydropower on the physical and ecological character of rivers (Peak District National Park)
  • Adam Samuel Microbubble mediated biogas upgrading 
  • Zongxi Fang Design and analysis of dual-three phase and fractional-slot permanent magnet wind generators (Siemens Wind)
  • Tim Balhatchett The Development of the First Water Neutral Steel Production Site? (Tata Steel)
  • James Craven Novel High Pressure Oxy-Fuel Power Generation with Carbon Capture System (Biomass & Fossil Fuel Research Alliance)
  • Chris Davenport The Investigation of Connected Energy Efficient Domestic Building (British Gas)
  • Emamode Ubogu Non-conventional Pollutant Species Measurement and Prediction from Gas Turbines (Rolls Royce)
  • Huw Birch Numerical methods for predicting and controlling the benefits and behaviours of renewable energy
  • Asiel Corpus Mendoza Flexible electronics powered by integrated photovoltaics
  • Edward Bovill Air stable, high speed plastic solar cell fabrication routes
  • Scott Dufferweil Nano-plasmonics in photovoltaic systems
  • Jonathan Benton Novel III-nitride Nano Devices For Solar Hydrogen Generation
  • Stuart Archer Light Driven Catalysis toward CO2 reduction and Hydrogen production
  • Dawn Scott Molecular machines to build bio-photovoltaics
  • Andrew Timmis High carbon intensity supply chain
  • Erardo Elizondo Luna Development of metal foams for Stirling Engine regenerators
  • Jonathan Davidson Efficiency improvements in Electric Vehicle drive systems through improved thermal performance of electronics
  • Stuart Walker Optimising the spatial layout of a farm of tidal stream turbines
  • Cora Fung Fluid-Structure Interactions of Tidal Stream Turbine Blades Manufactured with Bio-Inspired Internal Structure
  • Seyed Ebrahimi TEFCEL Issues of Logistics; Supply-Chain Management (SCM) in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Milan DelorPhotocatalysis and analysis of solar technologies world wide

  • Cohort 3

  • Martin Braun Effect of the Climate and Location on the Energy Consumption in the Retail Environment (Marks & Spencer)
  • Goudarz Poursharif Representation of new kinds of data in sustainable energy networks for electricity distribution (Northern Powergrid)
  • Jon Shimwell Developing fusion breeder blanket technology with a focus on achieving a Tritium breeding ratio greater than 1 (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy)
  • Faisal Abubakar Developing an economic framework for a building insulation product for reducing carbon footprint and cost for installation
  • Qasid Ahmad Polysilanes from sand for photovoltaic materials and hydrogen carriers
  • Nicola Austen Fuel and energy production in the 21st century: What are the consequences for aerosol-climate feedbacks?
  • Alex Barrows New materials and deposition techniques for organic photovoltaic fabrication
  • Charlotte Bjorck Biological conversion of methane to methanol using fine bubble aeration
  • John Bradley III-V nanowire – silicon hybrids for new levels of photovoltaic operation
  • Alexander Buckman Energy Management in New Engineering Building: Forewarned is Forearmed
  • Rory Campbell High energy density nitrogen-rich compounds for safe, efficient, and green chemical energy storage
  • Phillip Carpenter Towards the intelligent energy management of buildings
  • Elliot Carrington Carbon capture and gas separation using porous molecular materials with modular design
  • Liam Chisman Low Cost Valvetrain Design for Technologies Giving Improved Sustainability of Reciprocating IC Engines
  • Ben Crozier High energy density nitrogen-rich compounds for safe, efficient, and green chemical energy storage
  • James Douglas 'The Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Resources and Potential in Alpine Regions
  • Jonathan Goodwin Optimizing railway operations for energy sustainability
  • Chris Hepworth Low energy farming
  • Aimie Hope Understanding the socio-technical limitations of energy efficiency interventions: Compensatory beliefs and rebound effects
  • Emma Ireland Fluidization engineering of wood chip drying for sustainable forest ecology
  • Nicola Lazenby The performance of Thermal Piles
  • James Lloyd Carbon capture and gas separation using porous molecular materials with modular design
  • Vi Nguyen Anaerobic digestion: engineering granules to maximise waste degradation and biogas production
  • Timinyo Owei The new urban politics of energy: the capacity to act
  • Rob Raine Advanced Heat Storage Technologies
  • Clare Reger Assessing the impact and potential of community-based energy schemes
  • Richard Smith Co-Production of Algal Biofuels and Tertiary Treatment at Wastewater Treatment Plants using Heterotrophic Algae
  • Rachel Thorley Rising atmospheric CO2 and future ocean acidification: Towards mitigation strategies by enhancing terrestrial carbonate weathering
  • James Uttley Optimal visual criteria for pedestrian lighting
  • Colin Whittle Preparing for a Low-Carbon Culture: An investigation into the social factors of low-carbon infrastructure
  • Donald Willey Flow structure control for the intensification of fast pyrolysis
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