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Faith Groups and Risk Perception: A Study Exploring Attitudes to Environmental Issues and Energy Technologies, Mini-project report Feb 2012

Life Cycle Analysis of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, mini-project report Feb 2012

Biodesalination: Review of current desalination technology and outlook for a biologically based desalination technology, mini-project report Feb 2012

Green Doctors: Developing a new energy survey methodology for domestic property use, mini-project report Feb 2012

Research Progress of Novel Cathode Materials for Next-generation Power Lithium Battery


, Industrial Materials Magazine 303 (2012) TAIWAN

Understanding Low-Carbon Energy System Options in Developing Countries, mini-project report Feb 2012

Organic Photovoltaics, mini-project report Feb 2012

Simulation of effects of plasma instabilities on the temperature in a fusion experiment, mini-project report Feb 2012

Smart Meters, mini-project report Feb 2012

The role of evapotranspiration in green roof runoff retention performance, mini-project report Feb 2012

Energy Use and Carbon Footprint at The Darnall Forum and Post Office, mini-project report Feb 2012

Low-Carbon and Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Study of Central Government in the UK, mini-project report Feb 2012

Factoring carbon in US decision-making, mini-project report Feb 2012

Locally manufactured wind power technology for sustainable rural electrification, Energy Policy Volume 43, April 2012, Pages 173–183. This paper examines how local manufacture of wind turbines has the potential to boost the local economy, build local capacity, reduce costs and produce resilient and flexible energy systems.


Energy Access- The Ecosystems Analogy, Presentation

Tidal Stream Power Collection- Passive Rectifiation to a Common DC-Bus,  PEMD conference, Bristol March 2012

Photovoltaics and Community Dynamics around Energy and Sustainability, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Design of a Water Lifting Device for Rural Communities in Malawi, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Analysis of a Rooftop Greenhouse, Mini-Project Report Feb 2012

Assessment of Electricity Demand-Side Management Technologies, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Active woodchip drying trials, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Organic Solar Cells Characterisation, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Effect of a small hydropower scheme on the aquatic macroninvertebrate community, MIni-Project Report May 2012

Torrefaction of Biomass, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Effect of As species on growth of GaAsBi, UK Semiconductors conference, Sheffield University, 5 July 2012

Synthesis and characterisation of Li2MnSiO4 for use as a Li-Battery Cathode Material, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Understanding Energy Use in University Buildings, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Understanding X-ray scattering data from plastic solar cell materials, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Further Investigation into the Thermochromism of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Sustainable Refurbishment: A case of the Crookesmoor Building, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Nanowire Photovoltaics Correlating the Optical and Structural Properties of GaAs Nanowires Containing InGaAs Quantum Dots, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Acquiring data for energy modelling of supermarkets, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Thermal dynamics of tidal stream generators, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Photo-excitable Ruthenium(II) Chromophore Quencher Complexes for Charge Separation, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Novel Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Feasibility study for co-production of algal biofuels and tertiary wastewater treatment using mixotrophic freshwater algae, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Preparation of a new electron acceptor for use in plastic solar cells, Mini-Project Report May 2012

‘Truncate, replicate, sample’ A probabilistic method of integerisation, Presentation at IMA, May 2012

Voltage Optimisation and Lighting Technology, Presentaion at Postgraduate Symposium, Birmingham, June 2012

Voltage Optimisation and Lighting Technology, Abstract of Presentaion at Postgraduate Symposium, Birmingham, June 2012

Urban and Rural Transport, Poster June 2012

Thermochromism of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films, Poster July 2012

Optical and electrical properties of GaAs1-xBix/GaAs diodes, Presentation 3rd International Workshop on Bismuth-Containing Semiconductors, July 2012

User Control & Satisfaction with Different Illuminance Ranges, Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency September 19 - 21, 2012, P100

Carbon Capture & Storage; Bury the Myth and Focus on Alternatives, METIS 2012, Vol 3

Optimisation of solar thermal panel use, 7th South East European Doctoral Student Conference 24 - 25 Sept. 2012, Thessaloniki - Greece

Charge-separated excited states in platinum(II) chromophores: Photophysics,formation, stabilization and utilization in solar energy conversion, Coordination Chemistry Reviews 256 (October 2012) pp2530-2561

Post-installation Analysis of Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbines: Case Studies in Peru, IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies 2012, Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu, September 2012

Power Curve Measurements of Locally Manufactured Small Wind Tubines, 8th PhD Seminar on Wind Energy in Europe, ETH Zurich, September 2012

Enhancement in hydrogen generation efficiency using a GaN nanostructure, 7th International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors, Sapporo, Japan, 14-19th October 2012

'Absorption Characteristics of GaAs1-xBix/GaAs Diodes in the Near-Infrared', Photonics Technology Letters, 24, pp. 2191-2194, Dec. 2012

Developing a tritium breeder module with a focus on achieving a tritium breeding ratio greater than unity,  Fusenet PhD conference, December 2012

Design parameters for nanowire-planar tandem solar cells, Phys. Status Solidi A, 1–5 (2012) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.201228372

New Energy Technologies In Agriculture, Mini-Project Report August 2012

Good Practices in Communicating CCS to the Public, Mini-Project Report, August 2012

A novel approach to identifying pedestrian gaze behaviour, poster presented at British Oculomotor Group meeting, 17 December 2012

Critical pedestrian tasks: Using eye-tracking within a dual task paradigm, Conference poster CIE 2013

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