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Identifying and Characterising Microalgal Strains as Potential Sources of Biodiesel, Mini-Project Report, June 2010

Analysis and Design of Electronic Load Controllers for Micro-hydro Systems in the Developing World, Mini-Project Report March 2010

Production of Optimised Metal Foams for Stirling Engine Regenerators, Mini-Project Report March 2010

Optimum salinity conditions for producing lipids from Dunaliella salina for biofuels production, Mini-Poroject Report March 2010

Identifying and Characterising Microalgal Strains that Overproduce Triacylglycerol as Potential Sources of Biodiesel, Mini-Project Report March 2010


Evaluating the energy inputs and CO2 emissions of the nuclear cycle, Mini-Project Report March 2010


Thermopower: Are things hotting up in Thermoelectrics?


Synthesis and Testing of a Solution Processable Transition Metal Charge Transport Dopant for Organic Solar Cells, Mini-Project Report June 2010


Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Low Cost Wind Turbine, Mini-Project report June 2010

A Novel Commercial Heat Source Based on the Chemical Dehydration of Carbohydrates, Mini-Project Report, Sept 2010

Button Cell SOEC Co-Electrolysis of CO2 and H2O, Mini-Project Report, September 2010

Radiator heat transfer augmentation by changes to wall surface roughness and emissivity, Mini-Project Report, September 2010

Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 and H2O to Form Syngas, Mini-Project Report, September 2010

Modelling and control of a variablespeed subsea tidal turbine equipped with permanent magnet synchronous generator, Mini-Project Report September 2010

Implementing Energy Technologies in Schools, Executive Summary of Mini-Project Report, Sept. 2010

Nanowire Solar Cells, Mini-Project Report Sept 2010

The Future of Eco Towns A Policy Review, Mini-Project Report August 2010

Conducting an energy assessment of your home, Mini-Project Report, June 2010

Designing the ideal compact anaerobic digester for middle class Sri Lanka, Mini-Project Report Nov 2010

Assessing the energy implications of replacing car trips with bicycle trips in Sheffield, UK, Mini-Project Report March 2010

An evaluation of energy efficiency indicators in the European Union, Mini-Project Report June 2010

Feasibility study on a Combined Heat and Power Plant with District Heating in Youlgrave village, Mini-Project Report July 2010

Wind Power for the Poorest 2 Billion, EWB-UK Research and Education Conference Jan 2011

Engineers Without Borders Sheffield Guatemala Wind Turbine Project, Project Report 2010

Double-skin façade in the Jessop West Building, MIni-Project Report Feb 2011

Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of Wave and Tidal Energy Devices, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Pt(II) Complexes for Photocatalytic Production of Hydrogen/Reduction of CO2, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Impedance Spectroscopy of Lithium Ion Cells, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

High Reliability and Low Friction Bearings for Wind Turbines, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Monitoring Carbon Capture in Deep Rock using Muon Tomography, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Reducing a Building's Heat Load with a Rooftop Greenhouse, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Permanent magnet machine topology used in wind generator, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Efficiency of Micro Hydro Power, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Current state of Building-Integrated Agriculture, its energy benefits and comparison with green roofs, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Feasibility of micro-hydro on the River Colne, Huddersfield, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Carbon Case Development, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Potential Fabrication Processes for Inverted Organic Solar Cells, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

The energy implications of using Rainwater Harvesting Systems to supplement mains water in the UK, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

US-UK Comparison: Technologies, Attitudes and Barriers in Industrial Energy Efficiency, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Green Walls: Building Thermal and Hydrological Benefits and Costs, Mini-project report May 2011

Parameterisation of Lead Acid Batteries, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Production of Biogas from Amenity Grasses, Mini-project report May 2011

Formation of poly(styrene) nanorods via AAO templating, Mini-Project Report, May 2011

Technology Innovation for Energy Intensive Industry in the United Kingdom, Centre for Low Carbon Futures Report,  July 2011

Photocatalytic H2 production using High Surface Area ZnO Nanorods, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Self-Organisation in the Van der Pol generator, Mini-Project Report, May 2011

Faith Groups and Risk Perception: A Study Exploring Attitudes to Environmental Issues and Energy Technologies, Mini-project report Feb 2012

How low can you go? Aviation fuel needs to reduce its aromatic content - but by how much?, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Real world degradation of organic photovoltaic devices in the Sheffield Solar Farm, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Production of Optimised Metal Foams for Stirling Engine Regenerators, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Modelling the interactions between polymer solar cells, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Why E-Futures? Understanding the motivation of research students in doctoral training centres, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Reflux Sub-cooling of Condensate in biomass power plant, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Life Cycle Analysis of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, mini-project report Feb 2012

Biodesalination: Review of current desalination technology and outlook for a biologically based desalination technology, mini-project report Feb 2012

Green Doctors: Developing a new energy survey methodology for domestic property use, mini-project report Feb 2012

Understanding Low-Carbon Energy System Options in Developing Countries, mini-project report Feb 2012

Organic Photovoltaics, mini-project report Feb 2012

Simulation of effects of plasma instabilities on the temperature in a fusion experiment, mini-project report Feb 2012

Smart Meters, mini-project report Feb 2012

Energy Use and Carbon Footprint at The Darnall Forum and Post Office, mini-project report Feb 2012

Low-Carbon and Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Study of Central Government in the UK, mini-project report Feb 2012

Factoring carbon in US decision-making, mini-project report Feb 2012

Photovoltaics and Community Dynamics around Energy and Sustainability, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Design of a Water Lifting Device for Rural Communities in Malawi, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Analysis of a Rooftop Greenhouse, Mini-Project Report Feb 2012

Assessment of Electricity Demand-Side Management Technologies, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Active woodchip drying trials, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Organic Solar Cells Characterisation, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Effect of a small hydropower scheme on the aquatic macroninvertebrate community, MIni-Project Report May 2012

Torrefaction of Biomass, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Synthesis and characterisation of Li2MnSiO4 for use as a Li-Battery Cathode Material, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Understanding Energy Use in University Buildings, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Understanding X-ray scattering data from plastic solar cell materials, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Further Investigation into the Thermochromism of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Sustainable Refurbishment: A case of the Crookesmoor Building, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Nanowire Photovoltaics Correlating the Optical and Structural Properties of GaAs Nanowires Containing InGaAs Quantum Dots, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Acquiring data for energy modelling of supermarkets, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Thermal dynamics of tidal stream generators, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Photo-excitable Ruthenium(II) Chromophore Quencher Complexes for Charge Separation, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Novel Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Feasibility study for co-production of algal biofuels and tertiary wastewater treatment using mixotrophic freshwater algae, Mini-Project Report May 2012

Preparation of a new electron acceptor for use in plastic solar cells, Mini-Project Report May 2012

New Energy Technologies In Agriculture, Mini-Project Report August 2012

Good Practices in Communicating CCS to the Public, Mini-Project Report, August 2012

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