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Production of Optimised Metal Foams for Stirling Engine Regenerators

NOx Emissions Measurement

Land Based Gas Turbines Emissions Regulations and Measurement Methods for Hydrocarbons, Platt, L.

Low temperature ionothermalsynthesis of LiFeSO4F cathode material for lithium-ion battery

How should information from Smart Meters be presented to foster satisfaction & behaviour change?

A Micro-hydro Electronic Load Controller (ELC) for the Developing World

Green Roofs; Building Energy Savings and the Potential for Retrofit

Metal-organic frameworks for gas storage

MOFs: Metal Organic Frameworks

Energy inputs and CO2 emissions of the nuclear cycle

Development of a proposal for a wood-fuelled community district heating (DH) scheme: Part I

Energy Saving Capabilities of Super-conducting Electrical Machines For Transport

The Search For Biosynthetic Proteins That Assemble Photosynthetic Membranes In Cyanobacteria

The energy implications of modal shift; Replacing car trips with bicycle trips in Sheffield, UK, Presentation of mini-project work

Study on Green Waste in Sheffield

Identifying and Characterising Microalgal Strains that Overproduce Triacylglycerol as Potential Sources of Biodiesel Part A, Mini-Project Presentation March 2010

Land-Based Gas Turbine Particulate Emissions

Urban Design to Reduce building energy use: Using CFD to inform better placement of buildings

Energy efficiency indicators in the EU, Presentation of mini-project work

Alternative Fuels for Gas Turbines

Intelligent LED lamp ballast for a solar powered bollard

Nanowire Solar Cells

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Wind Turbine

A Micro-hydro Electronic Load Controller (ELC) for the Developing World: Part II

The problem of urban wind shear, and how to choose the best type of wind turbine for wind conditions in cities

Semiconductor nanocrystal solar cells

Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Identifying and Characterising Microalgal Strains as Potential Sources of Biodiesel

Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 and H2O to Form Syngas

New Potential Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Battery

Bioreactor and Pond Design for Improved Growth of Microalgae, Poster at 'Algae for Renewable Energy Doctoral Training Centre Symposium', University of Bath, January 2011

Integration of Biological Wastewater Treatment and Algal Growth for Biofuels, Poster at 'Algae for Renewable Energy Doctoral Training Centre Symposium', University of Bath, January 2011

Energy Futures. Essay published in local Sheffield Magazine 'Now Then'  June 2010

Pedal power: the future of urban transport? Poster

Guatemala Wind Turbine Project, Poster 2010

US-UK Comparison: Technologies, Attitudes and Barriers in Industrial Energy Efficiency, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Feasibility of micro-hydro on the River Colne, Huddersfield, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Efficiency of Micro Hydro Power, David Anderson, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Double-skin façade in the Jessop West Building, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

The energy implications of using Rainwater Harvesting Systems to supplement mains water in the UK, Mini-Project Presentation,  Feb 2011

Building-Integrated Agriculture, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Reducing a Building's Heat Load with a Rooftop Greenhouse, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Monitoring Carbon Capture in Deep Rock using Muon Tomography, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Carbon Case Development, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of Wave and Tidal Energy Devices, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Micro Hydro at Heathy Lea, Derbyshire, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

High Reliability and Low Friction Bearings for Wind Turbines, Mini-Project Presentation, Feb 2011

Potential Fabrication Processes for Inverted Organic Solar Cells, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Investigating the thin film stability of solar cells, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Investigating Interfaces in Organic Photovoltaic Devices using Complex Impedance Analysis, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

An investigation into the energy inputs and CO2 outputs of the nuclear fuel cycle, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Permanent magnet machine topology used in wind generator, Mini-Project Presentation, Feb 2011

ZnS and CnS thin films, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Impedance Spectroscopy of Lithium Ion Cells, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Optomising Solar Thermal Panel Use, Conference on Human Behaviour & Climate Change, Sept 2011, Cardiff, Wales

Identifying and Characterising Microalgal Strains that Overproduce Triacylglycerol as Potential Sources of Biodiesel Part B, Mini-Project Presentation March 2010

Micro Gas Turbine Alternative Fuels Comparison, Poster Feb 2011

Energy Systems, Lecture for Materials Engineering students May 2011

Green Walls: Building Thermal and Hydrological Benefits and Costs, Mini-project presentation, May 2011

Pseudo-random binary sequence techniques for analysing batteries, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Production of Biogas from Amenity Grasses, Mini-project Presentation May 2011

Utilisation of templates for Organic Photovoltaics, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Photocatalytic H2 production using High Surface Area ZnO Nanorods, Mini-Project Presentation, May 2011

Self-Organised Criticality, Mini-Project Presentation, May 2011

Processing Organic Photovoltaics in Air, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

How low can you go? Aviation fuel needs to reduce its aromatic content - but by how much?, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Real world degradation of organic photovoltaic devices in the Sheffield Solar Farm, Mini-Project Presentation, May 2011

Production of Biogas from Amenity Grasses, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Production of Optimised Metal Foams for Stirling Engine Regenerators, Mini-Project Presentation, May 2011

Modelling the interactions between polymer solar cells, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Why E-Futures? Understanding the motivation of research students in doctoral training centres, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Design and analysis of fault-tolerant permanent magnet generators, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Aviation through Sustainable Fuels – The Role of Aromatic Molecules, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Reflux Sub-cooling of Condensate in biomass power plant, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

Biofuels From Algae, Poster at 'Solutions for the Planet', Sheffield May 2011

Assessing the energy implications of cycling, Poster at UKERC Summer School, JUne 2011

Ventilation Indoor Air Quality,  Poster May 2011

Energy Access- The Ecosystems Analogy, Presentation

Effect of As species on growth of GaAsBi, UK Semiconductors conference, Sheffield University, 5 July 2012

‘Truncate, replicate, sample’ A probabilistic method of integerisation, Presentation at IMA, May 2012

Voltage Optimisation and Lighting Technology, Presentaion at Postgraduate Symposium, Birmingham, June 2012

Urban and Rural Transport, Poster June 2012

Thermochromism of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films, Poster July 2012

Optical and electrical properties of GaAs1-xBix/GaAs diodes, Presentation 3rd International Workshop on Bismuth-Containing Semiconductors, July 2012

Enhancement in hydrogen generation efficiency using a GaN nanostructure, 7th International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors, Sapporo, Japan, 14-19th October 2012

Developing a tritium breeder module with a focus on achieving a tritium breeding ratio greater than unity,  Fusenet PhD conference, December 2012

A novel approach to identifying pedestrian gaze behaviour, poster presented at British Oculomotor Group meeting, 17 December 2012

Critical pedestrian tasks: Using eye-tracking within a dual task paradigm, Conference poster CIE 2013

Novel Feed System for Pressurised Gasification, Winner of the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Poster Competition, Nov 2013

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