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Building-Integrated Agriculture, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Current state of Building-Integrated Agriculture, its energy benefits and comparison with green roofs, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Energy Access- The Ecosystems Analogy, Presentation

Dynamics of Ground and Excited State Vibrational Relaxation and Energy Transfer in Transition Metal Carbonyls, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, DOI:

Electrochemistry, Chemical Reactivity, and Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of Donor–Acceptor Systems, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, Volume 53 (2), pp 1021-1031 DOI: 10.1021/ic4024713

Visible Light-Driven O2 Reduction by a Porphyrin–Laccase System, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, Volume 135(8), pp 3095–3103 DOI: 10.1021/ja309969s

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