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Impedance Spectroscopy of Lithium Ion Cells, Mini-Project Presentation Feb 2011

Impedance Spectroscopy of Lithium Ion Cells, Mini-Project Report Feb 2011

Parameterisation of Lead Acid Batteries, Mini-Project Report May 2011

Pseudo-random binary sequence techniques for analysing batteries, Mini-Project Presentation May 2011

(In Press) Real-time prediction of power electronic device temperatures using PRBS-generated frequency-domain thermal cross-coupling characteristics’ IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, accepted June 2014

Improved bandwidth and noise resilience in thermal impedance spectroscopy by mixing PRBS signals, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 29, (9), September 2014, pp. 4817-4828

Required Cauer network order for modelling of thermal transfer impedance, Electronics Letters, 50, (4), February 2014, pp. 260-262

‘Minimum gain identifiable when pseudorandom binary sequences are used for system identification in noisy conditions’, Electronics Letters, 49, (22), October 2013, pp. 1388-1389

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