Career Opportunities

The structured, innovative and exciting training programme of the E-Futures DTC will equip you with the broad knowledge base and industry-focussed skillset for a rewarding career in either industry or academia.

Employment prospects for those with skills and knowledge in energy research are excellent. Within the European Union, the potential for employment in the renewable energy sector is very strong, with an estimated 900,000 new jobs by 2020, including 515,000 jobs in agriculture and biomass fuel supply (1).

Within South Yorkshire alone, the Life-IC incubator project, which works exclusively with low carbon technologies, estimates a demand for 50-60 PhDs with energy backgrounds to meet the recruitment needs of local companies.

Growth in energy research

The use of renewable energy technology is anticipated to undergo steady growth. Jobs in this exciting and burgeoning sector will be created in design, fabrication, project design, architecture and electrical and mechanical engineering, all of which highlight the pressing need to equip personnel with a broad range of knowledge and skills.

In the UK, 400,000 employees currently provide environmental goods and services, and the industry has an annual turnover of approximately £25bn. Projections suggest the market will grow to £34bn in 2010 and £46bn by 2015 (2).

Additional Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Skills

Throughout the four-year research degree programme, students will undertake a part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Skills, which will be awarded in addition to the PhD.

This additional PGDip will greatly enhance the employment prospects of our students by equipping them with the transferabe skills required by both industry and academia.

(1) Renewable Energy Sector in the EU: its Employment and Export Potential, A Final Report to DG Environment, ECOTEC Research and Consulting Ltd.

(2) The Politics of Climate Change in the UK, Policy Network briefing paper, 17/07/2008.

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