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E-Futures Annual Conference
15th Sept 2015

Time to tap in to an underused energy source: wasted heat
20th August 2015

Why do companies invest in electricity? How electricity and carbon markets work and why they are so risky
7th July 2015

Forge TV- Energy Revolutions
15th December 2014

Science communication: it’s a family affair
4th Dec 2014

E-Futures students create 'The Energy Community'
19th Sept 2014

E-Futures annual conference 22 Sept 2014
22 September 2014

The Future of Personal Transport
15th May 2014

Guest talk: "Modelling the energy and emission savings of a 'Get Britain Cycling' scenario of modal shift"
29th April 2014

It works! (Multilife bearing system for wind turbines)
8th April 2014

E-Futures student contributes to 'Best Business Innovation' winner
7th March 2014

2013 Foxwell Memorial Prize in Fuel Technology
28th Oct 2013

Energy CDT Conference
26th Sept 2013

BBC Energy Day 2013
25th Sept 2013

Fusenet Conference 2013
3rd Sept 2013

Students win EPSRC Doctoral Fellowship Prize
20th August 2013

E-Futures Annual Conference 16/17 Sept 2013
16th & 17th Sept 2013

Implementing energy efficiency measures: Perspectives from industry
10th May 2013

I'm an Engineer....Get me out of here! Competition Winner!
22nd March 2013

Microbubble Display at Firth Hall
25th April 213

Radiation imaging for nuclear decommissioning
10th April 2013

Solar Energy in Future Societies
6th March 2013

Tidal Stream Power
8th Feb 2013

Exploiting the solar potential of deserts: From sun and sand to PV and hydrogen storage
22nd January 2013

Sustainable Regeneration: the London 2012 Olympic Park
18th January 2013

BBC interview: how to create a sustainable energy system from a locally manufactured wind turbine
30th Nov 2012

Flame Propagation Experimental Rig Demonstration as part of Researchers’ Night
23rd Nov 012

Early Stage Careers Research- Jon Sumanik-Leary
12th November 2012

How to make a metal foam
7th Nov 2012

Biomass in Electricity Generation
14th November 2012

Speakers confirmed for E-Futures conference Sept 2013
19th Sept 2012

Best paper award to James Williams
3rd Oct 2012

Lessons from the Think Low Carbon Centre, Barnsley
16th Oct 2012

Science communication conference in France
28th Sept 2012

Congratulations to our PhD student Nicola Hurst on winning Best Postgraduate Presentation
27th Sept 2012

E-Futures Annual Conference 19/20 Sept 2012
19th Sept 2012

Summer school in China
7th July 2012

Carbon Capture Industrial Awareness Visit
28th May 2012

Guest lecture: Management of Industry Contracts via TEFCEL Model
22nd June 2012

Guest lecture: A Superjury to Safeguard the Future Against Eco-threats
23rd May 2012

Guest lecture: Planning and design of an offshore wind farm
14th May 2012

Mini-project presentations
14-16 May 2012

Students move wind turbine to new location
23 April 2012

Ecobuild 2012
28th March 2012

E-Futures Student Publishes Most Downloaded Article for 2011
27th March 2012

More Sustainable Power Generation Technologies
19th March 2012

Student activity as part of Science & Engineering week
9th March 2012

E-Futures wins support from the Biomass & Fossil Fuel Research Alliance for PhD project
20th Feb 2012

Guest lecture: Practical Energy Management
1st March 2012

Guest lecture: Salford Energy House: A European Funded Initiative
15th Feb 2012

Mini-project presentations
7th February 2012

Guest lecture: Responding to the Climate Change Challenge
9th February 2012

Guest lecture: Climate Change & Energy- policy analysis, development and implementation
16th Jan 2012

Guest lecture: 'Delivering affordable zero-carbon homes',
15th Dec 2011

Guest lecture: Challenges and prospects for cleaner coal technologies and CCS
7th Dec 2011

Guest lecture: How an oil and gas company thinks about a carbon constrained future
2nd Nov 2011

Tour of Drax Power Station
18th Oct 2011

Innovate '11
11th Oct 2011

Greening Government: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development
11th Oct 2011

New energy saving device launched with the help of E-Futures
5th Oct 2011

Energy videos now on YouTube
7th September 2011

E-Futures Autumn Conference
19th & 20th Sept 2011

E-Futures students join forces with Science Brainwaves to give local school kids a taste of algal biotechnology
9th August 2011

Visit to India: A Quick Glance at UK and Indian Energy Policies
1st August 2011

Guest lecture: III-V semiconductors for solar power
14th July 2011

Guest lecture: Low-Energy Light bulbs Alone Will Not Save The Planet - The Need For Innovative Solutions
23rd June 2011

Energy-saving technologies in buildings - all dressed up and nowhere to go?
24th May 2011

Solutions for the Planet- Biofuels exhibit
17th May 2011

Mini-Project Presentations
19th May 2011

Guest lecture: Poor People's Energy Outlook - A New Perspective Points To New Solutions
15th April 2011

Site visit to Dinorwig & Centre for Alternative Technologies
31st March 2011

E-Futures Team Building Exercise
18 March 2011

Brainstorming: Biofouling in Marine Energy Systems
28th February

Sustainable projects showcased in unique engineering event
18 Feb 2011

Clean Energy Materials:Crystal Gazing on the Atomic Scale
17th February 2011

Mini-project presentations
9th February 2011

Brainstorming: Towards Zero or Low Carbon Buildings
4th February 2011

Student Wins Poster Competition at Algae for Renewable Energy Symposium
12th January

Biofuels in the Transport Sector
19th January 2011

Defining Low Carbon Schools - Building Systems Perspective
10th Dec 2010

Site visit to Tata Streel Scunthorpe Steelworks
23rd November 2010

A Resilient Low Carbon Energy System: the challenge and the opportunity
18th November 2010

Site Visit to Rusholme Wind Farm
2nd November 2010

Energy Efficiency Through the Eyes of a Younger Generation
27th Oct 2010

Call for Mini-Projects
8th Oct 2010

Green Careers Event
29th Sept 2010

Research projects begin
27th Sept 2010

Autumn Conference
13/14th September 2010

Turbine generates wind of change
6th May 2010

E-Futures Mini-Project 2 Presentations
8th June 2010

E-Futures Mini-Project 1 Presentations
23 March 2010

EWB National Research Conference
19th February 2010

Site Visit to Purepower, Huntingdon
10th February 2010

Site visit to EPR Glanford & Bagmoor wind farm (near Flixborough)
9th December 2009

Site Visit to Advanced Manufacturing Park Mini-Hydrogen Grid
6th November 2009

Coal Conference
28th October 2009

Launch of E-Futures DTC
2nd October 2009

The Winds of Change
5th August 2009

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