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E-Futures wins support from the Biomass & Fossil Fuel Research Alliance for PhD project
20th Feb 2012

BF2RA has awarded funding to E-Futures and the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering to pursue biomass related research.

In biomass energy conversion plants, the materials handling systems often are susceptible to malfunctions. Operating problems with the fuel feed and handling equipment are by far the most general reason for unforeseen shutdowns of gasification processes and reliable solids handling systems are essential to the development of pressurised processes. This projects aims to develop a novel and reliable feeder for continuously feeding solid fuel (e.g. biomass, coal or waste) into high pressure environments. This type of feeder will enhance the commercial viability of high pressure biomass/coal gasifiers and combustors. The project will explore feeding into environments at pressures up to 30 bar.

For more information, please contact the main supervisor, Prof. Vida Sharifi



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